The Story


The idea of helding the NANO conference was born in a meeting of the editorial board of Acta Metallurgica  in Atlantic city (NJ) late 1990. The chairman of the board was Bernard Kear and during the discussion became clear that the topic of nanostructured materials was becoming important. At that time the work of H. Gleiter on producing materials with nanosized grains was discussed at the meeting. As a result, Acta Met inc decided to sponsor the first Conference on Nanostructured Materials and to launch a new journal titled Nanostructured Materials. M.J. Yacaman volunteered to organize the meeting in Cancun in the summer 1992.

Invited talks include Rick Smalley, Sumio Ijima, Richard Siegel among others. The meeting was launched in conjunction with the first ever Mexican MRS meeting. Ever since every year the MMRS has his annual meeting in Cancun with about 1500 participants.